a few notes on using Daniel's Teleport code

From: Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) (bhchan@csua.berkeley.edu)
Date: 11/22/95

Hi ya, just went and cut/pasted Daniel Burke's Teleport code into
my mud.
Pretty good... but a few notes:

You have to extern int pulse in handler.c
You have to extern char_data *character_list  in utils.c

OTher then that, it should compile clean.

A more stylistic issue, I went and changed the format so that
a teleporting room is made in the door/extra descriptions area
of a room definition.   To me, it made more sense there then to
hack the zone-flags-sector line.

Anyway, happy teleporting.
-Billy H. Chan	陈浩然		    <bhchan@csua.berkeley.edu> 
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