Re: a little note on ^Ms

From: Katzlberger Thomas (cat@garfield.Vanderbilt.Edu)
Date: 11/23/95

You wrote:
> Well, I seem to see references about people getting stuck with ^M's
> a hell of a lot.. well, there is a standard unix (or derivative)
> program called dos2unix this strips all ^Ms and replaces with the
> standard unix eol character.
> so its.. dos2unix :)
> consult your standard archie server it you dont got it :)

Or read the manpage for 'tr' !

------------------- script ---------------------
#! /bin/csh -ef

if ($#argv == 0) then
    echo "Usage: translate file"

# this line deletes the \r 's 
tr -d '\015' <$argv[1] >$argv[1].tmp

# this translates other stuff the notation is octal (yack) 
# customize or throw it out ... man ascii give the octal codes
tr '\204\224\201\216\231\236\335' '\331\360\366\205\226\373\247' <$argv[1].tmp >$argv[1]
rm $argv[1].tmp


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