From: Patrick Stecker (
Date: 11/25/95

        Hmm, I have a few questions in regarding to FreeBSD.  I have been
running a CircleMUD mud for a little over a year and a half (or has it been
2 years).  And I've had no problems with running it on a Linux box.
However, I tried running it on a FreeBSD site and it seems the crypt()
function does not work.  I had to change the CRYPT macro so it would not use
crypt (similar to that in 3.0 -- -DNOCRYPT).  Then it works just fine, but
the passwords are not encrypted.  Then theres the matter of memory problems.
It seems to crash randomly (i.e., if you type in a command, it will get sent
to a 'null' pointer which doesn't exist, but its there).  Using GDB I found
that memory was being thrashed somehow, and I was getting "Address out of
bounds" all over the place. I tried adding a -lmalloc, but doesn't seem to
help.  I compile it with the:
-c -g -O2 -Wall flags.  Is there something I'm missing?  I don't think I've
seen anyone on this list complain about not being able to run it on a
FreeBSD.  In fact, my first site I ran it on was a FreeBSD, and I didn't
have any problems.  I'm sure its something silly that I've missed and would
appreciate any help that can be offered. 

Thank you

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