Re: Shire Area Needed

From: Edward Long (
Date: 11/25/95

*slaps forehead* sorry about the messageless mail :)  Anyways, Im curious 
about how many muds are out there that are based on LotR.  Im planing on 
doing mine on that, but if theres ALOT of lord of the ringers out there 
Id just as soon switch to something else.  If your on the list and are 
runninga LotR mud could you just mail me with LotR or something in the 
subject so I can get an idea of how many are out there :)

On Sat, 25 Nov 1995, Ron Hensley wrote:

> Hello,
> Ive seen 'The Shire' area on many MUDS. As my mud is Lord of the Rings
> based i need that zone. Probably edit it, but its a good framework for 
> the shire. Its not at jhu..

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