From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 11/29/95

   I am trying to make it so that the who list is a little different than 
   normal.  Can anybody show me how to do something like this:

   [IMP] Judas 
   [GOD] Aod
   [IMM] Toast

   [23 th] Satan
   [11 wa] God
   [05 cl] Ghost


   The who I want is seperated and listed from top to bottom by level.

Well, in order to do this you could either a) sort the list by levels 
every time someone types 'who' (bad idea), or b) sort the list of players
as you add to it (when people enter the game), or c) make a separate list
of the players which is sorted by level.

If you don't already have the player list sorted by some other means, I would
suggest option b.  Then, in who, you can simply do something like:

temp = player_list;
while (level of char >= LVL_IMMORT)
 put it on the first list;

put the rest on the second list;

How's that?


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