Zedit for OLC

From: Jeffrey David Frey Jr. (freyj@en.com)
Date: 11/29/95

I have been working on a zone editor for Circle3.0.  I have ported it 
from my old 2.20 mud, but I can't seem to get things quite right.  It 
is a command style zone editor where you type things like:
                zedit add <M|O|G|P> <number load> <number> <percent>
You can also remove lines from it.

Right now It compiles fine and will accept the command, but when I 
use zreset or save the zone to disk I crash the mud.  I am very 
frustrated right now and I am asking for help.  

If anyone is interested in taking this code and working with it I 
will gladly let them.  If you can get it working correctly the code 
is yours!  

Please Help Me!


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Jeffrey D. Frey, Jr.               Email: freyj@en.com

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