Re: bitfields coded

From: Jaco van Iterson (J.C.vanIterson@ET.TUDelft.NL)
Date: 11/30/95

On Wed, 29 Nov 1995, Pink Floyd wrote:

> So tell me, can you put more than 32 fields in a bitfield structure?
> Also, do they reliably save/restore from the player file?
> Thanks

Yeah, you can put as much fields in the structure as you want
and they are saved as reliably to the player file as any other
There wouldn't be a point in changing to bitfields otherwise.

There was some very heavy editing of the code involved so there
must be 1 or 2 bugs in it.
So please give it a testrun and mail me the bugs.

I will ftp it to the circle ftp site and the site mentioned in
the previous mail from Mark.


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