From: Hades (
Date: 11/30/95

Anyone code something that will allow multiple commands on one line,
seperated by ;'s? We have it in our alias system (which I did not code) but
it would be nice to have a simple parser to check for it on a normal command
line for our non-tintin users. If anyone has coded this function, could you
send it to me to save me a few hours work? I'd appreiciate it much. Thanks.

(Just to clarify... it would work like: you type in 
look;get all corpse;smile
and instead of going to the command_interpreter(ch, buf) (whatever) it would
first go through a parser which would seperate the commands delimited by the
;'s and send them one at a time to the command interpreter.

Like I said... I could code this myself, but if someone could help me out
and save me some time by sending me yours I'd really appreiciate it. Thanks.

Hades of Ebon Mists

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