Re: OLC interfaces, portability of binary files, spooking the NSA...

From: Sammy (
Date: 12/14/95

On Thu, 14 Dec 1995, Pink Floyd wrote:

> questions and answers, its possible that they could forget to set something,
> whatever.  (I could probably put in safeguards for that, though.)

A possible solution for this is set safe defaults for all values.  "Safe" 
depends on what values you'd rather have.  If you're worried about mobs 
being made too easy, make default hp/hitroll/damroll/etc very high.  If 
you're more worried that new mobs will cause unnecessary death and 
destruction, set the defaults low.

> Does anyone have any suggestions or experience for what makes a successful,
> appealing OLC?

Better to ask this of builders than of coders.  Speaking from experience, 
my idea of an easy to use olc system is entirely different from the 
opinion of a lot of builders.  You could try writing the room editor 
(which seemed to be the easiest olc module to write) both ways, and ask 
your builders what they like/dislike about each system.  Then write the 
other modules based on the system they like best.

(hopefully working on that nasty zone editor this weekend)

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