Re: relatively simple hack to lookup login-names

From: Naved A Surve (
Date: 12/18/95

In message <> you said:

> Yes, but how do you get data from your forked child? The only things I 
> see are shared memory, via sockets (child binds a port... seems rather 
> silly tho) and files. So how do you do it?

You can also use message queues or a pipe, which I think is the easiest
method in this situation.  Using temp files is so ugly I don't even consider
that an option.

> And how do you use shared mem?

Read the manual page for shmget(2); then read the manual page for
semget(2), plus all the functions referenced in the 'SEE ALSO' section at
the bottom of those pages.  OR, buy the Stevens text.


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