Re: relatively simple hack to lookup login-names (fwd)

From: John T. Cox (
Date: 12/18/95

> > We use 24MB at boot on a machoine with 48MB of ram. Hmmm...
> > 
> I am curious how 24MB is used?  I am not saying I dont believe you, I am 
> just curious. 
We use 24 at boot, right now...

29973 sojourn   29   0 30494 28828 3876 R    67.1 60.4 38:16 dms 99993
30103 mielikki   7   0   93  316  344 R     1.7  0.6  0:00 top3

> How large are your area/zone files?
I don't have access to areas but maybe this will help.

Current time is: Mon Dec 18 22:25:32 1995 (EDT)

Time elapsed, since boot-up: 1H 15M 34S

Total number of zones in world:      103
Total number of rooms in world:    18250
Total number of different mobiles:  2498
Total number of living mobiles:    10288
Total number of different objects:  3494
Total number of existing objects:  21476

Total number of shops:               234
Total number of quests:              154
Total allocated events:            19242
Total number of pending events:    12897

Number of active sockets:            245 (245)
Max sockets used this boot:          245
Maximum allowable sockets:           246

About 2000 of the rooms are ocean, however.

We just reinstalled the OS on the mud machine and haven't recompiled
for more sockets yet is why it only shows 246 max sockets. We should
be back up to 512 sometime tomorrow :).
Basically right now players are getting game full message a lot and
until we get sockets back up to 512 it's going to be ugly.

> How large is the executable?
Right at 4MB and we've done a lot of streamlining.

> Also, how much memory does Sojourn use when there are the normal @200 
> players connected?
After we've been running for awhile (12+hrs), we run at around 36MB.

Mielikki @ SojournMUD ( 9999)

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