Re: Circle 3.0 bpl 9

From: David A. Carver (
Date: 02/08/96

->> Has anyone installed Circle 3.0 bpl 9?
->> I haven't gotten it to work... the utils will not compile.
->> I will send the errors in my next mail.
->> IT has something to do with structs.h, and parse errors,
->> but when I look at the file, nothing is wrong with it..
->Have you run "configure" yet?  I haven't seen pl9 yet but Jeremy 
->mentioned that configure will set the makefile up to work with your 
->system.  If you haven't run it you may be compiling with a makefile that 
->doesn't like your system.

The only problem with this new "Configure" method is that it makes it more 
difficult to port it over to other non-Unix operating systems.  I've got 
Circlepl8 running on OS/2 with very minor changes.  But with Circlepl9, 
I'd have to go through and rewrite the whole Configure script into REXX.  
After taking a look at the massive script, I don't even want to think 
about it.

Unless there is someway to have  SYSDEP.H and CONF.H files be generated 
independtly of actually running the script, I'll probably be sticking with 
pl8 and migrating some of the more useful enhancements over to it.

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