Re: Is there a getch()?

From: Sammy (
Date: 02/09/96

On 8 Feb 1996, d. hall wrote:

>  thus on Thu, 8 Feb 1996 01:34:24 -0500 (EST), Sammy virtually scripted...
> Sammy> Sounds like a big project.  I wonder how much this would slow the
> Sammy> mud down, if 2 or 3 people were using the editor simultaneously.
> Sammy> Full screen redraws would cause some nasty lag.
> rather nasty.  how good is your throughput?

I'm speaking hypothtically :)  If you've got a lot of bandwidth it's not 
a problem, but if you've got a slow connection, or a high-traffic t1, you 
might have some unnecessary lag.

> Sammy> All the times I've used pine and pico over the net it never occured
> Sammy> to me that I was sending a lot more packets than were necessary.
> Sammy> Time to relearn ed :)
> then again you're dealing with a single connection, via telnet or rlogin
> (some editors like emacs uses the stty baud setting to optimize screen
> redraws).  when you're dealing with a mud you're dealing with several
> connections to a single multiplexing process... netrek gets around this via
> having the client do all the work of processing the information.

Hmmmm...I suppose a "builder" client could be interesting.  Online 
creation with offline performance :)

THe trouble there is making the client portable accross many different 
platforms, and it would keep people from using their preferred client if 
they've got one.

> Sammy> I think circle the circle editor wouldn't be so bad if it just had
> Sammy> some simple line-editing abilities.  No, I'm not volunteering, I
> Sammy> can't even write a simple ^M remover :)
> get the GNU readline or else getline and compile it into a client.  i
> believe tf already has it incorporated in, and the new version of tintin
> does as well.  i've made a couple changes into tintin to get around some of
> the problems people been having with it.  namely perl's regexp source has
> been incorporated in the actions/gag/subs and readline into the interface

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