Re: tracking mobs

From: Steve (
Date: 02/09/96

> Does anyone have any speacials for mobs that track down players that they
> might be willing to share.  I tried to write my own but the stupid mob 
> just sits there.  I attempted to go through the descriptors and find the 
> highest non imm connected char, then hunt_victim(ch).
> I thought this was what I was supposed to do, either I misuderstand 
> hunt_victim or coded it very badly..
> It was late so both are possible.
> Thanks in advance,
> Vain

just set HUNTING(mob) to whoever you want to have the mob hunt, and he'll 
move one step towards him, easiest way to do it would be to put in mobact.c
i think in pulse_mobile() (or somethin like that)


(hunt victim does all the error checking etc)
you'll haev to define MOB_HUNTER in structs.h, and maybe when the mob is 
attacked by anything it sets HUNTING(mob) = FIGHTING(mob); or something 
like that, so that if the player flees the mob will come after them.

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