Re: Handling connections sepetately

From: Eric Green (
Date: 02/12/96

>* Did Anyone make a server to handle iincomming connections to the MUD, and
>  make all that socket blocking stuff like ident and gethostbyname etc.. ?
>  And afterwards passing the user to the real mud with the informations it
>  just extracted ?

If you want to cut out the middle server stuck in between, you can have the
mud accept the connections, but vfork and exec a special program which does
the ident and dns lookup.
If you are worried about forking, you might want to test it before
forgetting about it.  On an 8 MB 486 Linux system, the average load runs
consistantly at 0.00.  From experience, it requires quite a few connections
in a row to make the load change, and even handles intentional spamming
quite well.

I remember someone on the list mentioning before that Sojourn was adding or
had a separate server to handle connections.


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