From: Michael Buselli (
Date: 02/16/96

On Fri, 16 Feb 1996, Stephen D. Becker wrote:

> I noticed that as with all circle muds i've seen, the circle 3.0bpl9 has the
> bug of subracting from str and ignoring any stradd the char might have, 
> thus a char with 18/100 str who puts on a -1 str item would have 17/100 str.
> I figured out a way to fix this and change it to losing 10 percent of 
> there stradd, and I think i made the addition 10 also (better double check)
> anyway I was wondering if anyone else had bothered to fix this and if so 
> what aproach they used.
> Thanks
> Stephen Becker
> IMP of EagleMUD

     Yes, that's the problem with the whole stradd system.  I fixed it by 
ripping out the system of keeping two separate str and stradd stats and 
combining them into one.  If the str is 18 or less, I display the 
strength as that number.  If the str is 19 to 23, I display it as 18/xx, 
where I have xx as a multiple of 20 up to 100.  If the str is 24 or more, 
then I display the str as (str - 5).  Make's life in that area a whole 
bunch easier. :)  But then, that's me.  And I'm just wierd.


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