Slow mobile_activity

From: David Powell (
Date: 02/23/96

G'day all. 

	We have been having problems, as our mud grows, with mobile_activity()
taking heaps of time.  It is only called every 10 seconds, but it is not
uncommon for 3 seconds or more to be spent in this routine. I suspect this is
the cause for some of the annoying lag we get, and it will only get worse with
more mobs. Since the mud spends typically 80% of its time sleeping between
passes of the main game loop, I was planning on splitting up mobile_activity()
to make use of this time.

The basic idea of this is to set the virtual alarm to go off a little before 
the next pass has to begin, then process mobs as usual in mobile_activity()
until the alarm goes off. Then after the next pass, do the same thing but
continue processing in mobile_activity() from the mob it got up to on the last
pass. The effect of this would be to hopefully remove the bottleneck of
mobile_activity, but it would also remove the exactness of mobile pulses. I
plan to do it so mob's still only get pulsed about every 10 seconds, but it
would not be exact as it currently is (not really a problem).

I was wondering whether anyone else has tried something similar, or anyone has
any thoughts on the matter. I would have thought that mobile_activity() would
cause similar problems on most biggish muds (without sufficient processing
power :)).

-- David Powell

Kurve, IMP on ZombieMud.

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