Re: Circle 2.2 & Auto Directions

From: Tom Balfe (
Date: 02/25/96

Can you post it as well as sending it as attached document? I have csh, 
but I think the csh in slack three isn't straight csh. Perhaps the sh 
version will work better. My friend says earlier today, we tried the 
script with the mud running and he could run it on another port when 2.2 
is already running. Strange.

Thomas J Balfe

On Sun, 25 Feb 1996, Brian Pape wrote:

> I didn't have any problems (I'm assuming you have csh; that's what it's 
> written in), but to add a few other features to mine (checking for 
> multiple autoruns, killing existing scripts, etc), I rewrote it in bash 
> (sh).  I could post it if you are interested.

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