Re: Running Circle part of the day.

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 02/27/96

There is currently no way to only run Circle part of the day.. the original
Diku code used to have something similar to that, but it has long since
been deleted.

You might ask on the mailing list (


> 	Hi, I recetnly downloaded your source, and am fiddling with mainly
> and just kindof seeing how it works.  Our sysadmins are rather strict and
> unhelpful. They have said if I am to bring up this mud to work on it, I am
> not allowed to have it running from 6am-4pm Monday-Friday.  Now, I can
> get up at 6am every morning and manually shut it down (yuchh), or I was
> wondering if there is a way to write a shell script similiar to autorun that
> will run it at certain times?
> Thanx
> Tony Chamberlain
> P.S any help would be appreciated, even if it is to point to someplace that
> might be able to help me

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