Re: Flames

From: Harvey Gilpin (
Date: 03/11/96

[8< - Knee jerk flames]
> Harvey> I've just been unreliably informed that it means 'flaming just for
> Harvey> the hell of it, without taking time to think about what you are
> Harvey> saying'.  Amazingly succinct little phrase.
> No, flaming for the "hell of it" is called trolling.  "From the hip" is
> when you improvise and think you sound cool (gee this post couldn't be one
> of those)... 

Like most language definition, it depends where you use it.  "Trolling"
on UseNet is generally known as the act of pretending to be something 
which you are not in order to provoke a response.

Whatever, this isn't the place for it.  Let's get back to Mud Making.


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