Weather in the editor (re:)

From: MUD (
Date: 03/23/96

> Any idea on how to stop the mud from displaying weather and other certen
> messages to players while they are in the editor.  It really messes you up
> is there a way that could all be queued and then showen after the player
> leaves the editor?  
In send_to_outdoor in comm.c add a condition: 
&& !PLR_FLAGGED(i->character, PLR_WRITING)
to check if the guy was writing. It seems we can ask Jeremy to add it
to the code. Or was it already fixed in pl10?
	Has anyone changed the function add_string to accept some
editor keys or something? I've added some lousy features like 
delete last line, start new text, display text, etc to the circle
text editor..

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