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From: Kevin Hoogheem (khooghee@marys.smumn.edu)
Date: 03/26/96

Ok my arena code has been put into the incoming on cambot.res.jhu.edu
under arena.tar.gz

I think i have included everything that you should need to have to  
put  in.

if not there is enough there to see what is going on and how to do it 
I should hope.. if you have any questions just mail me and I can  
help you out with it or find me on twist of fate cgl.com 4k and aske  
me for help i will be more then willing ot help out...
If you have suggestions for improvements code or otherwise give  
them to me I will keep updating that code for you if need be.  That  
writen on a saturday morning with a good bottle of Absolute vodka so
its probly not the best code I have ever done but it works ;)-

Kevin Hoogheem aka Goon

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