Re: Suicide

From: Michael Buselli (
Date: 03/26/96

On Tue, 26 Mar 1996, Robert Clark wrote:

> Hmmm..I just committed suicide about 5 hours ago. (Don't ask me why, I was
> bored and
> a little ticked off when perl5 wouldn't compile so I could test out the
> Nightmare
> Mudlib and my imp wouldn't even consider switching to mudos) In anycase, my
> character
> is still there and it looks like the mud crashed. Has anyone had any
> experience with
> the game crashing when an imm suicides or tries? (seems poetic)

     Um, Circle isn't an LP, and it has a completely different code base
than the Nightmare mudlib does... which leads me to ask why you thought we
might be able to help you?  You don't need to answer as it'll just waste
bandwidth, just do this.  Go look at to find
people that can help you in this area.

Michael Buselli

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