Ad&d System-ARGGGHH!!!

From: Robert Clark (
Date: 03/28/96

I've almost got the last of the crummy AD&D stat system out, next to start on the
combat. I don't know who in their right mind decided that the AD&D system was worth
the powder to blow it to *omitted*, 'specially in a computer simulation. IMHO, the
only reason the system still exists is that it is simple to manipulate manually, only
we're not doing things manually on a mud.

Here's my suggestion for Circlemud 4.0: Do away with the AD&D roleplaying system                                                 completely.
It makes life a heck of alot easier, assuming you start from scratch with a different
system (if your trying to remove one it's a living nightmare.) For example, now that
I've switched to a stat/skill dependent system, I send characters back and forth
through levels with very few problems. Deaths are also a cinch, no more of this
losing exp and wandering around forever trying to make a level. Also, 100 level
characters just don't work under AD&D. I'm considering throwing out the LVL_IMMORT
stuff also and just making it a flag. Toward actually gaining some memory back, you
could probably throw away the exp requirements in titles and make it a linear
gain system through calculation, this would help a little in very large or infinite
systems (such as I plan). 

I was wondering if anyone has added an affected_skill array for characters and if they
encountered any problems (I don't see too many). Of course it eats memory, but with
a pentium and 48 megs, I'm not really scraping...

Bob, the Lazy Coder, Slayer of Gygax and Defender of Yacs.

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