Circle ported to Windows 95/NT!

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 03/29/96

I can't believe it actually worked - but I was successful in porting CircleMUD
pl10 to Windows 95 using Microsoft Visual C++ v4.0.  So, I will probably
apply the patches so that the next release of Circle (pl11) will be able to
compile under Windows 95 and NT!

It's probably not a good idea to try it under Windows 3.11 because I'm using
some of the Win32 API, and also you need long filenames in order to be able
to uncompress all the archives on the drive.  (I'm considering renaming all
of Circle's files to fit the 8.3 standard but don't really like the idea.)

If you have a minute, try logging into my Windows 95 machine and see if you
can crash the MUD. :-)  (If you do, tell me how you did...)  The address is: 4000

It's a Pentium 120 with 32 megs of memory running Windows 95.


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