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From: the root of all evil (
Date: 04/02/96

On Mon, 1 Apr 1996, Steve wrote:

> #4  0x7214c in add_efun (action=5, timer=10, iarg=68, carg=0x0,
>     ch_actor=0x1d2a00, obj_actor=0x0, targ=0x1d2c00, obj=0x0) at efun.c:81
> #5  0xb1a36 in efun_call_magic (caster=0x1d2a00, cvict=0x1d2c00, ovict=0x0,
>     spellnum=68, level=56, casttype=0) at spell_parser.c:751
> #6  0xb0e77 in cast_spell (ch=0x1d2a00, tch=0x1d2c00, tobj=0x0, spellnum=68)
>     at spell_parser.c:598
> #7  0xb1805 in do_cast (ch=0x1d2a00, argument=0xbffff8ac " ", cmd=40, subcmd=0)
>     at spell_parser.c:734

> (I did write an event system, which i think is the cause of the problem,

Hmmmm... kind of hard to piece together whats goin' on from just this, 
what spell is 68 on your system?  And is it supposed to not have any args?
I'm using an event system myself, and I seem to remember when I first 
wrote it, having some problem with do_cast manipulating the argument 
string before I called my add_event function with it.  I solved that my 
making a copy of argument at the top of the fucntion and using that when 
building my event_data structure... maybe this helps?  Another thing you 
might want to check out, is are your events being removed properly when 
they get executed or disrupted or when the character involved leaves 
the game?  I'm assuming your using a linked list or a doubly linked list
for an event queue...


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