Re: core dumps

From: Alex van Koppen (
Date: 04/03/96

Hi !

> > I'm running linux 1.2.8 and my ulimit size is unlimited. 
> Hmmm Thats funny cause I cant get my mud to dump core either...and I am 
> running linux 1.2.8 also. I also have made sure every shell variable in all
> the shells on the machine is unlimited and recompiled the kernal also 
> looking for anything related. And read every single file in /etc looking
> for something turning it off....but found nada. I wonder if its a problem
> with 1.2.8? Hmmm...Off to the linux newsgroups :) 

Hehe, I'm running Linux 1.2.8, too :) And I can tell you, that Linux doesn't
generate dumps on segment-violations... Best way to avoid the problem is to
use gdb...

See ya !

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