Re: core dumps

From: JRhone (
Date: 04/03/96

> personally, I got tired of messing around with cores, seeing as how 
> all the time I spent trying to get a readable core was time that I 
> wasn't fixing the damn problem.  So I just run a beta version in the 

true, but most of the really hidden problems and bugs dont show up unless
yer up for a day or so and have a bunch of players on, and runnin the mud 
under gdb gets annoying imho, getting a nice fat core on a crash would be
prime so i could jump into gdb, show the stack, and go fix the prob rather
than sitting in gdb waiting for a crash
though that approach is good for crashes that happen relatively soon after
a boot
doh late for class
ill pick it up l8r

aka jtrhone

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