OS/2 Compiling Help

From: PitLord (pitlord@sunspot.tiac.net)
Date: 04/03/96

	I've gotten CircleMUD compiled fine under Linux, and I've been able to 
run it...However, I want my BBS users to be able to use CircleMUD, so I 
tried to compile it under OS/2.

	After FTPing everything (nmake, gcc, emx, etc), unzipping, 
running nmake /i..I'm missing header files in emx. <sigh>.
I'm missing sys/socket.h, netinet.h, arap.h, and another header file 
(which I forget).
	I thought I got everything I needed -- can anyone who's used 
CircleMUD under Os/2 give me any suggestions ?


Eric Ogren (PitLord)
SysOp of OlympusNet -- (508)897-7594

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