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From: Stefan Rensing (
Date: 04/03/96

> * * * * * rm -f `/bin/find -name core`
> If I'm thinking correctly, this'll delete every core file in your home 
> directory's path every minute.  Good enough?  (Actually, you may end up 
> deleting all the core files on the system, if you're able.  Well, it's 
> everyone else's fault for not protecting them properly, or something.)

It would be a nice idea to add a path for find, in general.

However, as the guy originally asking this question stated that he's not
root I would suggest to him not to do a find through the whole / (as you
seem to suggest) because then root will surely kick his ass };-) ....

The easiest thing to do is not to dump a core in the first time, two people
already posted how to do this for different sh/OS. However, if you would
like to have the possibility to check the core after a nasty crash you might
want to use a cronjob or put a rm command into the circle autorun script.

Another nice thing, of course, would be inreasing your disk quota ;)


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