Re: small bug?, pl10

From: Steve (
Date: 04/04/96

On Thu, 4 Apr 1996, Shinnosuke Nohara wrote:

> I might have just found a really minor bug that may or may not be worth a 
> fix. When I accidently typed a ^C and <return>, my screen froze. This is 
> on stock code. Anybody confirm?

I do believe this is a telnet thing, although it may be a 
telnet/Noncoanical (not sure if tharts the right term for when telent is 
in "line mode" mixture. just dont hit ctrl-c :) it obviously doesn't stop 
the mud ... if it does... well i'm talking about something else...

--On Another Note---
Lots of my mails have been dropped to this server, does it not send back 
mails from the same person to the same person? Or am I just becoming senile?
I'm still wondering if that level controlled helpfiles stuff went through?


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