Re: Adding Mob Action Bitvectors

From: JRhone (
Date: 04/04/96

> 3. Make a second variable to hold the additional flags.  This requires
>    hand-changing much of the code to use the correct variable automagically.
> abcdef^gh
> is really interpreted as:
> a | b | c | d | e | f | (z + g) | h
> (z is in the second set of characters).

other than readability of the data files
is there any other signifigant reason why flags are converted to chars?

i added another bitvector btw to all my major structs and it works for me
but im just curious, cause with OLC, readability of the data files is
meaningelss since builders dont touch em offline anymore, but if there is 
some big thing im missing, someone throw it at me :)

also, for all those Anton olc ppl out there, (dunno how many there are,
i only know of my mud and one other)
you may wanna look at send_to_page() and send_page_to_char()
i FINALLY found the memory trickle that i've had and not been able to 
trace for the past 6 months (bounce) mail me 4 info

vall aka jtrhone RoA 4000

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