Re: zedit code

From: Harvey Gilpin (
Date: 04/05/96

Why do my posts on this subject never get through?  Bastard mail
server.  Anyways:

>Also, does this code do what I think
>it does (allow me to create rooms, objects, mobs and zones in a menu driven
>format)?  It certainly looks like it does this, but I have never heard
>anyone mention this code before.

Don't know about that one, but the OLC I'll be releasing on monday
will do all of that and more, and is (so far) bug free.

>Also, is this code for version 3, or is it for a previous version of circle?
>I am running a version 3 mud, so I won't install it unless it is compatible.

Mine was developed in C3pl9, and will be ported to pl10 when it's

If you can wait 'till monday, you can be one of the first users of
what will be the best publicly avaliable menu driven OLC.



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