re: virtual areas

From: Thomas Krautz (
Date: 04/08/96

>Some examples of what I'd like to be able to do:
>        A magical forest whose paths are never the same.
>        A minotaur's maze that changes every time the minotaur is defeated.
>        A desert that has frequent sandstorms (helps with the disorientation
>          factor).

Check out the MultiMUD Underworld... It's an area created by the computer
at reboot time. It changes every time and features alot cool things like 
windstorms raging through the tunnels, fires that can burn whole areas etc.
Lot's of immo commands to show maps,positions etc. too.
Mobs in there are not handled by the usual mobile_activity stuff, they
have their own strategy routines etc. It's been running quite well since
a while now and I'm pretty sure I got all the bugs out :)

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