Re: Checking to see how meny mobs are in a zone and in a room

From: Daniel W. Burke (
Date: 04/10/96

At 04:27 PM 4/9/96 -0400, you wrote:
>On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, Ben Leibig wrote:
>> Is there any way i can see how meny of a certen mob(ie Vnum 1348) are in
a room
>> and in a zone.  Is there some way to earch this.  I just want a number
>> being the number of that mob in the zone or room.  Any easy ways to do
this or
>> does it take a bunch of code?
>try somethin like
>int num_mob_room(int mvnum, int room_num)
>send it a mob VNUM and a real room number, i.e. ch->in_room, etc etc
>int num_mob_zone(int mvnum, int zone)
>thats only one way to do this, you could just scan character_list
>and check the room / zone yer mob is in, 
>and im sure there are others
>hope this gives you some idears

how about adding something like a show mob_existing to do_show

           case <whatever>:
              if (!isdigit(*value)) {
                 send_to_char("Please wpecify a vnum.\r\n", ch);
              sprintf(buf, "There are %d loaded %s (#%d)\r\n",
                      (can't think of exact variable where mob's short desc is),

Of course I just wrote this on the fly, so other than the missing variable,
I make no garuentees it will work...... :)
(of course, I may just add this to my mud now) :P


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