Wacky boot problem

Date: 04/15/96

   A _very_ wierd problem, this time... I added a special procedure, recompiled
the MUD, and got the following:

Mon Apr 15 15:17:23 :: Booting mail system.
Mon Apr 15 15:17:23 ::    0 bytes read.
Mon Apr 15 15:17:23 ::    Mail file read -- 0 messages.
Mon Apr 15 15:17:23 :: Reading banned site and invalid-name list.
Mon Apr 15 15:17:23 :: Resetting (null) (rooms 0-0).
Memory fault - core dumped

I was unsure of the error, so I checked it out in gdb:

#0  0x2dd10 in reset_zone (zone=0) at db.c:1610
#1  0x2a1fe in boot_db () at db.c:313
#2  0x274e in init_game (port=4000) at comm.c:196
#3  0x2686 in main (argc=2, argv=0xdfffcc0) at comm.c:176

Line 1610 of db.c is the following:
  for (cmd_no = 0; ZCMD.command != 'S'; cmd_no++) {

I removed the special procedure (which has NOTHING to do with db.c or the 
startup sequence) and recompiled, but the error persisted.  I even deleted
all the object files and the circle binary and did a clean compile, with no
success.  Any ideas at all?  I'm stumped.
			Wyatt Bode

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