Another argh in structs.h

From: Angus A. Mezick (dodger@WPI.EDU)
Date: 04/18/96

To Hades:
something before the typedef?  we really would need to see at least SOME of
the code. 

DON'T forget, in the README of pl11 it states: (you should be grabbing a
copy if only to see what new little things you can transfer from the new
version to yours.)

If you write mail asking for help, either to the mailing list or to me,
make sure to include the following information:

  -- The exact version of CircleMUD you're using (i.e. "CircleMUD 2.20",
     "CircleMUD 3.0 beta patchlevel 6", etc.).
  -- The EXACT text of any error messages, compiler errors, link errors,
     or any other errors you're getting.
  -- The exact type of hardware, operating system name and version, and
     compiler you're using.
  -- A description of ANY changes you've made, no matter how small, that
     might have contributed to the error.
  -- If you are having trouble getting Circle running for the very first
     time, also be sure to include the output of 'configure' and the file
  -- A code segment if applicable.

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