Re: Coredump question

From: Ole Gjerde (
Date: 04/19/96

On Fri, 19 Apr 1996, Sean P. Mountcastle wrote:

> 	If using Linux 1.2.13 besure to add this to you makefile under 
> cflags: 
> 	-ggdb -m486
> 	This appears to have solved the problem.  But, for those of you 
> who are Linux gurus, why does this only happen in this particular version 
> of Linux?

Hmm.. It shouldn't be needed.  I've used both Slackware 2.3 and 3.0, both 
upgraded to 1.2.13, and I have (had, I'm using 1.3.85 now) such problem.

The -m486 doesn't really have anything to do with this either, it simply 
tells the compiler to optimize for a 486( which is a good idea if you 
have a 486 :)

Adding the -g option to the compiler should also default to gdb, at least 
with gcc.

Solution: I'm not sure.. But if you are going to upgrade to a newer 
kernel(as suggested in a earlier post), you should probably move tho one 
of the newer ones, since they will generally be more stable(e.g. 1.3.9x).

Well.. enough babble from me..

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