Re: "Ranged" attacks?

From: Sammy (
Date: 04/21/96

On Sun, 21 Apr 1996, PitLord wrote:

>   Is it possible for Mobs that aren't in a room to attack? Basically, I 
> have a castle area where there are archers on the tower that I want to be
> able to attack evil players. I know this'll require a special_func, and I'm
> going to try to make it randomly hit people in the room as well, but, since
> the archers aren't actually IN Room 9000, can they attack people in it?

Yeah you can initiate combat when the participants are in different rooms 
(try "at jupiter kill jupiter" to see this in action), but unless you 
change the combat code, if the archer initiates combat from a distance, 
the target player can fight back with a club or dagger or whatever 
they're wielding.

There are two ways to deal with this that I can think of.  One is to make 
a spec_proc for archers so every so often they check to see if any evil 
players are in range, and if so fire an arrow or volley of arrows at that 
location without initiating combat.

The other way is to have them initiate combat (guess you'll still need a 
spec_proc for this), but change the combat system to require the use of 
ranged weapons to fight over a distance.

I've been working on a zone with a simple spec_proc that hurls arrows, 
oil, stones, and insults at anyone foolish enough to stand at the gates 
of the city I'm building.  All it will do is check for any PC's standing 
in a certain room and for NPC guards to be on the walls, and if both 
conditions are met, the PC's will randomly be pelted by the various missiles.


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