From: Marcelo Valle Moreira (
Date: 04/23/96

	Well due to my insanity I'm working on a Vampire class in my mud, and I got an idea of making vampires hunger and thirst off.
	when vamps are 'parched' their hitpoints go down instead of going up, and the only way for a vamp to get their hitpoints back by themselves is biting a mob or a player.
	My code is basically a cut&paste of any other skill like kick or bash, my problem is:

	biting someone you do a damage, and I'd like to add it to your hit points, like this: 
	GET_HIT(ch) = GET_HIT(ch) + damage

	So if your bite damages someone in 90 hitpoints, you gain 90 hitpoints,  not in maxhit, but in hit.

	I also don't want ACMD(do_bite) to start a fight in every bite. I think about checking ch and vict attributes, like int dex and wis, or even levels  before starting a fight.
	I got deeply lost, and if someone has an idea of what I'm talking about or how to do it, please I need help =o)
	Can someone of you who really know C (that's NOT my case) help me to "trasnfer" this hitpoints from vict to ch, checking if ch is able to do it without starting a fight? it's not a spell, but a skill.
	Thanks, in advance.


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