Re: zones

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 04/26/96

> 	Hy, I am Ricardo "Spharion" Dirani, and I am a god in a CircleMUD we ha
ve here. I have two questions, and I hope I am not boring you with them.
> 	First, is there a place where I can get and discuss information about z
ones's characteristics ( mobs, exits, dts ... ) ?

There is a CircleMUD mailing list at

> 	And second, and duller, why isn't there a default exit from drow city (
 my favorit place, considering I have a character drow elf, one of the MUDs her
e have implemented races with modifiers and so ) ? Is that the original concept
> a place without exits, or is the zone incomplete ? I mean, I am curious about
 the oryginal concept of the zones, because I don't want to run too far from it
 in future implementations.

You can contact; he's the one who is responsible
for maintaining the CircleMUD worlds.


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