Re: Object Spec_Procs Easy question

From: Hades (
Date: 04/28/96

Ok, in a spec proc this is what happens:

return 0; - This indicates that nothing really happened, then to parse what
the user typed in as normal.

return 1; - this says that something d did happen, and to stop processing
the command... only use a 1 when the sp[ecial actually happens... if you use
a 1 otherwise, every time you type in a command, the spec_proc will
intercept it, return a 1, and not zactually pprocess the command... code
should look like (this is in english, easier to work with so dont flame me
for coding in elglish :)

if(there was no comnmand || the command is not 'insert')
  return 0; (interpret the command normally.

otheriwse... do the stuff for the insert special, then:
return 1; - so the mud doesnt try and interpret the 'insert'


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