From: Chris Anderson (chrisa@cujo.icom.ca)
Date: 05/06/96

        First off, I was wondering if anyone out there has any areas, and 
spec procedures for sending PC's to jail? I would like to be able to send 
someone to
jail if they PKILL of Ptheive.  I would also like to be able to try them, 
and sentence them to a term of X+Y days. (X denoting the crime(say 1 for 
theivin, 2 for Killin) + Y for previous  # of infractions.)

        i would also like to have the ability to jail-break em, and give a 
1d4+X for a success chance. (Maybe X being number of times successful before.)

        If they are not successful, I would like to give them a FUGITIVE 
flag that guards have a 1D14-X (x denoting the number of actual days that 
player has escaped from jail.) chance of detecting the fugitive. 

        I would also like to expand the system to be able to give others a 
chance to go bounty hunting. And if they catch a bounty, for them to either 
teleport the player to the court-room, or kill them for the bounty. 
(whichever.. I don't care)

        I also need to extend the player files to be able to accept new 
flags.  Ie bounty, killer, fugitive, wanted, and, maybe a bit vector or two 
to be able to determine the previous infractions, and (maybe number of 


        I think it would be nice to see some blank spaces open for adding in 
flags and such. Like maybe 10 blank flag fields, a bunch of unused 
bit-vectors and such.

        I see some affectation flags in chacters that are stated they are 
unused. By hacking the program can I use these flags in some way?

Or maybe it would be a cool thing for some coder some where to write a nifty 
conversion program that  would take the present player files, and update 
them in any way possible. Like adding extra fields, or whatever when we need 

Oh well.. just some idears...

Zippy the Wonderslug

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