Re: FlameFest II: This is is not CS 1

From: Chris Sosbe (
Date: 05/08/96

For starters, I'm sorry for this post. It doesn't really belong here but I
feel the need to vent.

>Yes it does.  This list is for Circle specific questions, not questions 
>about how to program in C.  If you don't know how to program in C, learn 
>by reading a book... most of the silly C programing problems could've 
>been solved by simply knowing the language or reading the K&R book.  The 
>purpose of this list is not to babysit people through cs 1.

Agreed, this isn't a place for people with more C programming experience to
babysit me. It is however a place that I can write to in hopes that someone
out there might have a solution to a problem I'm having. I for one am not a
good C programmer but have learned far more by reading posts from people on
here (answers to both good and stupid questions) and playing with the code
itself that I ever learned from a book or class for that matter. If I have a
question about some simple basic C programming, so be it but please don't
flame me because I don't know as much about C as you or others do. If I
don't ask those newbie stupid questions and get answers to them, I'll be
asking for help for a long time because no one with the knowledge I need
ever bothered to help me out. It's stale mate. No one starts out as being a
C programming expert and I'm almost willing to bet you and everyone else out
there that are good at C asked those very same newbie questions some time or
another. Please keep this in mind when you see some little technical problem
someone overlooked and if it bothers you that much, simply delete the
message. Again, sorry for the venting and inappropriately posted message.

Chris Sosbe

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