Re: FlameFest II: This is is not CS 1

From: Edward Almasy (
Date: 05/09/96

James A. Young writes:
> I don't care either way, but you also missed my point Jeremy.  The point 
> is that no one should be damned for not knowing something, not everyone 
> knows everything.  I've been in computer and programming and stuff for 12 
> years and I still don't know everything there is to know about 
> computers.  Do you understand my point now?

*You* (and some other people here) seem to be missing two of the main
points of this discussion:

1) This is not a mailing list for questions about C programming.  Such
  questions are about as appropriate here as questions about installing
  "make", or about getting your internet link working correctly.

2) This is a mailing list populated by people running a MUD as a hobby,
  not a technical support forum staffed by salaried support specialists.
  Asking a question without first consulting the available documentation
  shows alot of disrespect for the other people here, and eventually
  causes some of them to stop bothering to respond to any messages, and
  others to leave the list completely.

Why are these concepts so hard to grasp?  Or do people here just plain
disagree with the above views?

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