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From: Malice (
Date: 05/10/96

How the heck do I get off this list? I am getting really tired of this 
stupid newbie/super coder thing filling my mail box. We were ALL newbies
once. In fact since I am losing interest in my mud lately I am going to
do all the newbies and even so so called advanced coders out there a favor
and put the src for my highly modified 2.2 ..basically 3.0 without the house
code junk onto jhu for the world to grab. It got way to many improvements to 
mention. The muds name is Phoenix mud and has been up for over a year and
a half. Quite stable, and pretty much 99% bug free. Build on it, use it,
cut junk out of it, just do me a favor and put "Romulus of Phoenix Mud"
in your credits if you use any of the code. I dont offer any support for
it what so ever. I will not answer any emails reguarding it. Maybe someday
I will take it to the next level, but with graduation and a new system 
admin job coming up I cant see having the time. Obvious one other request 
is that you DO NOT use the name "phoenix mud" as the muds name if you decide
to use it as a base.  

When I put it on the jhu site tommorrow I will post a message to the list
containing all features, and that its avaliable. Now could someone please
email me how to get off this list? pvv doesnt repond to my removal requests
it seems.

Note I am ONLY giving out the source, Not the worlds or docs since
someone else handles all that stuff for me and I wont release that stuff.

Let it never be said that I havent given back to the newbies of the mud world.
We were all newbies once..If you encounter a "Basic C" question on the list
and You feel you are just to advanced dael with it, then either hit "d" 
and move on or privately email them a good C book you recommend. And yes
I did learn C by programming my mud. Although it was my 4th computer language
that I had it was easier. Also a good c for dummies and an
Orielly c reference never hurt to.

Romulus.. Head Implementor of Phoenix Mud

P.s. I you have any problems with anything I have said.. Direct all flames
to private email to not spam the list any further.

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           Enough Said...

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