Re: Newbie: Questions

From: Brian Pape (
Date: 05/11/96

> 1. Where in the heck is the place I need to change to tell magic.c (saving
> throws) I have more than 34 levels?

I was going to tell you then realized that we have completely changed our
saving throw system.

> 2. Adding spells: what am I missing? I've added to spells.c, spells.h,
> spell_parser.c, and class.c to tell which class can use it, but it still
> doesn't show up on the prac list.

You added the text for the spell to spell_parser.c, and added a SPELLO()
macro call to spell_parser.c for that spell also?  I thought at one time I
saw a small document that was a checklist and suggestion guide for adding
spells and skills- it was very helpful because there are so many thing you
have to do, and do correctly, for them to work.  Unfortunately, I took a
look in my other_docs directory and it wasn't there.

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