Re: Newbie C questions

From: Raistlin Majere (
Date: 05/14/96

> Yes. You're right we all were newbies once. But I think the point Billy
> was trying to make is that C-Newbies should go join a Newbie-C-List not,
> the CircleMud-mailing-list. And I think thats a very valid point.
Lets go back and look at what he said.  "I find it strange why people can't go buy a nice book or two on how to program in C before doing it."  Well, out of your whole contrediction only the letter "C" is relavant to what he said.

> Yes it is. But isnt it common sense that you first check the code and try
> to learn as much from it as possible before you start asking other people?
> Understand that every question takes bandwidth & time, something which is
> more or less precious to people.
I agree with this, there are some very stupid people out there that should open there eyes before talking.  Bandwidth!  HAHA!  Precious, don't hurt the bandwidth, HAHA!

> Oh yes, I think he's not only speaking for himself but for alot of other
> people. I dont know how long you've been on the list, but I recall a time
> when alot of good coders left it because there were too many newbie C
> questions around and questions that can be answered easily by looking at
> the code, and mind you, I believe if you're not able to do that then you
> shouldnt try to imp a mud, or worse if you're not willing to spend the
> time doing that but instead try to make others spend their time to solve
> the prob for you then you're not worth it either.
Well he can stop speaking for me.  True, if they can't figure it out there morons.  Not spending the time is your opinion of what he/she is doing.  He/she may have stayed up 12 hours trying to work an "if" statement that never came out right for them and your saying they don't spend time.  There just stupid, not lazy.

> Get down. I think Billy was expressing his opinion in a very polite
> manner and it didnt sound like a personal flame.
Uhhh, ok.  I don't know what you want to do about this.  There has been talk about spliting the list, moderation, making it a newsgroup, but guess whats getting done?  A whole lot of nothing, talk about lazy.  This is just pretty pathetic.  Think we could all do something or gosh, heavens no, not this, deal with it?  I don't recall any newbie EVER forceing me to read his mail.  Then again my will power is a little higher then most of yours.  Now I know this whole reply will get nothing done and you will all just end up fighting with me in the end.  Thats okay, I just keep you around for entertainment.  The little peons amuse me when they bicker.

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