From: Mudder (
Date: 05/21/96

Hello all,

 I installed the auto-eq code a couple of days ago and it seems to work just fine. I only have one minor 
problem and would like to see if anyone can tell me how to fix it :)

 First off I went thru all the code added 3 times to be sure nothing was left out. I can rent my test char 
fully equipped and when I bring him back into the game he is wearing all his eq where it's suposed to be.

The problem is this: depending on the number of items equipped, when he enters the game I get a spam of sys 
errors, the mud seems to act ok, it dosen't crash or lock up, its just a lot of syslog spam. The error line 
looks like this, (SYS ERROR: ch->in-room = NOWHERE when equipping character.) I get 3 of these errors for EVERY 
piece of eq he is wearing. I don't get any errors when the eq is just in the inventory. This is on 
Circle3.0bp11. the code hasen't been modified other than adding the auto-eq code and save alias code. 
Any help with this will be greatly appreciated  :)


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