Minor quirk

From: George (gagreer@dragon.ham.muohio.edu)
Date: 05/22/96

I was running two copies of my mud one day out of two different
ports but the same library files.  Well, normally the second one
is only used by me to test for new code, but for the fun of it I
made a new character there, and saved him.  Then I made a character
with the same name on the first port.  Well, now I have _2_ people
with the same ID, name, host, etc (except player attribs like str).
Another case:
I also ended up with a person who deleted, I undeleted them and
then they logged into the other port or something akin to that.
The base result is I now have a character with no name and ID 3...

(and be careful about getting your mail on both ports too!)

Of the developmental Dragon'Spire MUD...

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